Dr Ofweneke: “Yes, Diana B and I Have Something Going on…”

July 14, 2023

Dr Ofweneke(born Sande Bush) has set the record straight on his relation to Diana Marua, saying they indeed have something going on.

The comedian and TV presenter said their relationship is strictly professional as cohosts of the ‘Mr Right’ reality TV show. His comments come after a section of online bloggers read too much into their TV chemistry and made some hot gossip out of it.

Speaking in an interview Tuesday, Dr Ofweneke addressed the said gossipmongers urging them to respect people’s marriages.

“I want to say to your faces. Switch your cameras on. Yes Diana B and I have something going on.

“We are working together. Truly guys I am going to say this once again. I know we have to have views and trends as journalists online. But let us also be very keen on respecting people’s marriages,” Ofweneke said.

Dr. Ofweneke said he is a contentedly married man, and emphasized his unwavering dedication to his own marital union while expressing respect for Diana Marua’s marriage to Bahati.

“I as Dr Ofweneke, am happily married, bold italics underline. And I respect the marriage of Diana B as well to Bahati, coz he’s a young man that we’ve seen grow in the gospel industry.

“As much as we are looking for click baits, let’s also be very keen,” he said.

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