Death Sentence For Two Men Who Violently Robbed Woman

July 5, 2023

An Eldoret Court on Monday sentenced to death two men for the offence of robbery with violence.

Francis Otieno Odhiambo and Moses Mudavadi, both aged 21 years old, were convicted and found guilty of committing the offense on the night of May 21st, 2022.

During the court proceedings, the victim testified that on the said night, she heard a commotion outside her house and initially assumed it was caused by her husband.

But when she looked through the window, to her horror, she saw someone breaking the padlock before six men armed with iron bars and machetes forcefully entered her house.

The criminal gang proceeded to assault her, forcibly took her phone, and subjected her to severe injuries. They even went to the extent of plucking out her hair.

The men ransacked the kitchen and stole various items from her house, inflicting both physical and emotional trauma upon the victim.

The prosecution, led by Jamlick Muriithi, presented a total of six witnesses who provided compelling evidence to establish the case against the accused individuals.

Through their testimonies and evidence, the prosecution successfully demonstrated the involvement of Francis Odhiambo and Moses Mudavadi in the crime, culminating in a death sentence for the duo.

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