Watch: DJ Fatxo Drops Thanksgiving ‘Movie’ After Escaping Murder Charges

June 8, 2023

Mugiithi musician Dj Fatxo, born Lawrence Njuguna Wagura, is surely a relieved man and he has wasted no time in making use of his new-found freedom.

Weeks after he was cleared of murder charges in the death of interior designer Jeff Mwathi at his house in Kasarani, DJ Fatxo has dropped a new song and its accompanying music video dubbed ‘Ngatho’, Kikuyu word meaning gratitude.

Before he premiered the music video on his YouTube channel on Tuesday, DJ Fatxo had teased his social media following to anticipate a movie.

“Sasa watu wa cinema mjiandae nakuja kuchemsha hio industry. My debut movie drops tomorrow 10 Am,” he said on Monday.

Indeed, the Ngatho music video issa movie based on the musician’s recent tribulations. Dj Fatxo plays the role of a condemned man who is dragged through a forest and whipped mercilessly.

The video also captures the juxtaposition of DJ Fatxo’s persecution and liberation. When he is not getting whipped, the video shows DJ Fatxo clad in a Tux and seemingly sacrificing a goat to thank God for saving him.

The Kikuyu entertainer is also seen walking the same forest he was condemned in, clad in all-white, perhaps symbolizing his innocence. He is backed by dancers, also clad in white, who put up an energetic and jovial choreography, making ‘Ngatho’ one of the more popular music videos this week.

In less than 24 hours, the video clocked more than 65K views and continues to attract more eyeballs as we speak, or rather, as I type and as you read.

DJ Fatxo accompanied the track with the message: “May The Good Lord Bless You as you watch this Masterpiece. One word for you “There is a God of Second Chance”.”

Check it out below.

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