Trio Mio’s Mother Appeals for DCI Assistance Over Online Death Threats(VIDEO)

June 9, 2023

Irma Sakwa, the mother and manager of renowned musician Trio Mio, has expressed her concerns regarding her son’s well-being.

The concerned mother said her celebrity son received disturbing death threats on various social media platforms.

One of the threats was posted on Twitter on Wednesday, May 31, where two unidentified individuals threatened to kill Trio Mio for allegedly stealing their money.

“Trio Mio we will kill you. Mbona utuibie pesa ya mchango. Tunakuua atuogopi,” the tweet redads.

The tweet also contained a video in which the two young men are heard hurling expletives and threatening Trio Mio while brandishing what looks like a toy pistol.

Trio’s mum shared a screenshot of the threat on her socials and appealed to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations(DCI) to take action against the men.

“At times we take jokes too far…but this hii sio funny at all. My son not long ago got mugged at gunpoint we are yet to get over the trauma. Then this???@dci_kenya have you seen this?” Irma Sakwa posed.

She added: “As a parent I humbly request for action to be taken against these characters! My heart isn’t at peace. May God protect my child!”

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