Why DP Gachagua Stopped Using His Baptismal Name

June 9, 2023

During the National Prayer Breakfast held at Safari Park, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua revealed to the public on Wednesday that he has a baptismal name that he never uses.

Addressing individuals who question his Christian faith, Riggy G shared that he was baptized with the name Geoffrey. He disclosed this information to dispel any doubts and reaffirm his commitment to his religious beliefs.

“For those who probably doubt my faith, because I do not have a baptism name, I was actually baptised and my name is Geoffrey,” he said.

However, the DP mentioned that he no longer uses that name. He explained that he used to go by Geoffrey during his time as an administrator but discontinued its use when his job description changed.

“When I was Geoffrey I was an administrator to rule over people. When I changed my job description to serve the people, I needed to change my name so that I have a change of identity in my new job description,” he said.

Geoffrey Gachagua provided further proof of his religious beliefs, saying: “For you to know that I am really a Christian, you have the evidence that I am married to a pastor.”

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