Rev Victor Githu Explains Why He Asked His Mum To Fetch Water: ‘Let’s Stop Judging’

June 23, 2023

Rev Victor Githu has been forced to defend himself after facing backlash for sending his mother to fetch him some drinking water.

The incident was caught in a social media video as Rev Githu held a live bible study session in their house. Internet users berated the teen preacher for what they termed as indiscipline and disrespect toward his mother.

Ironically, the young US-based preacher was delivering a sermon on discipline, “I keep asking God for discipline,” Githu says in the video.

Following the social media backlash, Rev Githu went live on TikTok to apologise while also defending himself.

“Everyone who was offended by the incident, some of us never really understood what was happening, but I’m very sorry. Where there’s a problem, we will fix it and make it better because life is all about learning. I have definitely learned something new, and thank you for all your patience and criticisms,” he said.

The preacher explained that his arm was hurting which prevented him from moving.

“Before you judge, look at the other context, content, and concept, and instead of judging based on one video, watch all the other videos. I just broke my hand, I had a scratchy throat, and I couldn’t leave until I was done with the live,” Githu said.

He added: “I thought the best thing to do is to ask my mom kindly to get me water, which she doesn’t have a problem with if I’m not feeling well and if I can’t leave the live video or the situation to get it for myself. It’s best if we stop judging.”

” I have definitely learned something new and thank you all for your patience. Thank you for your criticism, your judgement and your hate,” Githu said.

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