Otile Brown Parts Ways With His Manager After Six Years

June 7, 2023

Singer Jacob Obunga, widely known as Otile Brown, has parted ways with his manager Joseph Noriega after a six-year collaboration.

In a press release posted on his social media accounts on Tuesday, Otile shared the news of their split, referring to their time together as an “Incredible Journey”.

Otile expressed gratitude to Noriega for his significant role in shaping him as an artist throughout his musical journey.

“@noriega_donself bless up king, love always. Grateful for the journey, memories made and success archived along the way. Excited for what lies ahead,” Brown wrote.

Noriega on his part said: “Grateful for the journey, memories and success all together……God bless @otilebrown. Keep soaring.”

Otile further reassured his fans that despite parting ways with Noriega, his music will persist and continue to resonate with his audience.

“While Noriega will be missed, Otile Brown remains committed to his musical journey with the same passion and dedication. Fans can rest assured that Brown’s vision and exceptional music will continue,” reads a statement from the singer’s label, Just In Love Music.

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