Okiya Omtatah: Kenya Kwanza MP Gave Me Sh10,000 For Finance Bill Petition

June 7, 2023

Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah has alleged that a prominent legislator from the ruling Kenya Kwanza administration covered the expenses for his paperwork when he submitted a petition opposing the Finance Bill 2023.

The Senator did not disclose the identity of the MP but mentioned that he is top ranking lawmaker within President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

According to Omtatah, the lawmaker who provided financial support is not the sole representative from Kenya Kwanza who opposes the Bill.

“It is not Azimio members alone. Many Kenya Kwanza MPs who I cannot name have approached me saying they do not support the bill. One is a frontline MP in Kenya Kwanza who has even given me Sh10,000 as support for all the photocopying I did because he thinks I’m saving them from hardship,” Omtatah said in an interview with NTV.

The senator also denied allegations that he submitted the petition under pressure from the Azimio coalition.

Omtatah asserted that he made the decision independently, citing examples such as participating in the election of the Senate Speaker, even when Azimio members opted not to participate. He emphasized that he acted on his own accord.

“I am not a member of Azimio, but I agree with the stand they have taken. If Kenya Kwanza takes a stand I concur with, I will also support them. It is all about constitutionalism and I am happy to have Azimio’s backing on this issue,” he said.

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