“I Have Not Joined LGBTQ+”: Embarambamba Defends Cross-dressing

June 30, 2023

Controversial gospel singer Chris Mosioma, popularly known as Embarambamba, has defended his recent cross-dressing performance as a mere gimmick.

The singer has been generating online content in which he appears dressed in miniskirts and dresses, causing a stir among Kenyans on social media and drawing considerable attention.

Certain individuals have speculated that Embarambamba is grappling with mental health challenges, while others have gone so far as to assert that he has joined the LGBTQ+ community.

But in an interview with the Nation, the musician denied these claims and explained that his comedic approach to music is intended to attract a larger following and serve as a means of livelihood for him.

“Some have alluded to the fact that I have joined the LGBTQ+ community with my latest antics. No I haven’t. This is just comedy and music and that is my style.

“Wearing dresses is not a bad thing. That is my way of selling my content. We are in a digital era and we have to be creative to sell out there. Those asking why I am invited to different church functions don’t understand that we are all worshipping God in our own different way,” he said.

Embarambamba further refuted allegations that he is a source of embarrassment to his Kisii community.

“I’m not embarrassing the Kisii people. Those who know me know that I am trying to put food on the table and also worship God. Of course Kisii men don’t wear dresses but this is just acting,” he said.

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