Professor Hamo Speaks on Relationship With Jemutai

June 30, 2023

Comedian Professor Hamo recently shared insights about his relationship with fellow comedian Jemutai.

Prof Hamo took to his social media platforms to address misconceptions and rumors suggesting that they were not on good terms.

During a live session on TikTok, Hamo openly discussed their relationship and spoke highly of Jemutai, emphasizing that she is a wonderful person.

Prof Hamo attributed their previous fallout a few years ago to the influence of the devil, expressing remorse for being misled during that time.

“Saa hizi tunaishi vizuri kwa sababu nilirudi kwa Mungu. Nilimwambia, cheki, haki tukiendeelea hivi tutachoma.

(We are currently doing well now since I found my way back to God. I told her(Jmeutai) if we continue like this we will ruin everything),” Hamo said.

He informed his fans that contrary to popular belief, he and Jemutai are good friends and are co-parenting without any problems.

“Nilimwambia wacha tukuwe tuu mabesthte tulee watoto. Sahii sisi ni mabeshte tunaendelea fiti hatuna mashida.”

(I told her, let’s just be best friends and continue raising our children together. Now we are best friends, doing great, and we have no issues).

The digital content creator also mentioned that whenever he backslides, things do not go well for him. He emphasized that Jemutai did nothing wrong in their relationship and should not be held accountable for any past issues.

“Ni msichana mzuri sana, Mungu anisamehe… but vile nimerudi kwa Mungu maisha imenyooka. Jemutai hakuchoma…Hii dunia kuna Mungu na kuna shetani,”¬†said the father of 6.

(She is a good girl, may God forgive me… but since I returned to God, my life has straightened out. Jemutai did nothing wrong… In this world, there is God and there is the devil).

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