KTN Presenter Laura Mbatha Reveals The Crazy Thing She Did For Love

June 30, 2023

KTN TV presenter Laura Mbatha opened up about an incident she deemed one of the most foolish acts she committed in the name of love.

Ms Mbatha, who doubles up as a presenter at Spice FM, shared on the radio station about a relationship with an ex-lover who led police to her house.

The journalist said she was entangled with a man who operated as a shylock, engaging in dubious transactions.

The series of events began when Laura’s former boyfriend contacted her while she was at work, revealing that he had abandoned a vehicle in her parking lot in Nairobi.

The boyfriend claimed he had forcefully reclaimed the vehicle after his client failed to repay the money owed to him.

Due to the questionable manner in which the shylock repossessed the car, he ended up violating the law, prompting the debtor to report the incident to the police. As a result, detectives were hot on his trail.

He told me when the cops come I should say I have never seen him,” Mbatha recounted.

Police officers eventually tracked down the car to the residential compound where Laura resided. In their pursuit, they resorted to breaking into the premises.

Laura said the boyfriend did not communicate with her in the aftermath of the police incident, prompting her to go out in search of him.

I remember he had a lawyer in some office along Haile Selassie Avenue. I walked into every lawyer’s office asking them if they were so and so’s lawyer because I couldn’t find him,” she said.

Laura mentioned that she was unable to search for him at his residence as he cohabitated with his child’s mother.

The following day, her boyfriend reappeared, explaining that he had been arrested.

Fortunately, Laura came out of the situation with only a broken heart and some ‘character development’ as she was neither questioned by the police nor implicated as an accomplice in any wrongdoing.

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