Dorcas Rigathi’s Message To “people who have a problem with my husband”

June 29, 2023

Second Lady Dorcas Rigathi has defended Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua against his critics saying he is a good husband with a big heart.

Speaking on Wednesday when they hosted Kenya’s Special Olympic team in Nairobi, pastor Dorcas praised Riggy G as the best leader anyone can have.

“Those people who have a problem with my husband, you better know he is a very good husband. He is also a very good father. Not only that, he is the best leader you can ever have. He is a man with a big heart,” Dorcas said.

The Second Lady mentioned that Gachagua played a pivotal role in her accomplishments, empowering her to chase after her aspirations.

“Sometimes when you see a woman who is able to move around and to pursue her dreams and to do what she deserves to do is because behind her is a great man like Riggy G,” Dorcas said.

Pastor Dorcas also noted that Riggy G was busy to even attend the ceremony but he still made himself available for the sake of his wife.

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