Barak Jacuzzi in Mourning For Late Hollywood-based Brother Nagi Jacuzzi

June 21, 2023

Rapper Barak Jacuzzi has taken to social media to express his heartfelt tribute to his late beloved brother Sammy Nagi Njuguna, also known as Nagi Jacuzzi.

Nagi was a renowned actor in Hollywood and was raised between Columbia, South Carolina, and Nairobi, Kenya.

Taking to his Instagram stories, Barak described Nagi as not only his brother but also a great friend, mentor, and wingman.

“My coach, sparring partner, my friend, accomplice, inspiration, bodyguard, advisor, therapist, hype man, wingman… Really HIM!” the rapper wrote.

Jacuzzi acknowledged the pivotal role played by Nagi in his personal and artistic journey, providing unwavering support and invaluable guidance.

Underscoring the profound influence Nagi had on his life, Barak credited his brother, stating, “The only reason I made it this far.”

In his closing remarks, Barak Jacuzzi expressed the profound yearning he feels for Nagi, admitting that a part of him still clings to the hope that he will wake up and find that it was all just a dreadful dream.

“I miss you so much man! I’m really just waiting for you to walk back through the front door like… ‘my phone was off’. It all does not feel real, but it is…”

Nagi passed away a week ago, but the specific details surrounding his untimely demise and the cause of his death have been kept confidential, respecting the privacy of the family during this difficult time.

The actor starred in films such as ‘Black As Night’, ‘Emperor’ and also played the role of Craig Hansen in the television series “Games People Play”.

In the year 2018, Nagi made a notable appearance in an episode of the action series “NCIS: New Orleans” during its fifth season.

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