The Kansoul Split: Madraxx Reveals Creative Differences With Mejja

June 21, 2023

Former member of the Kansoul group, Madtraxx, has told his side of the story revealing the circumstances surrounding the separation of the hitmaking rap ensemble.

Speaking on the Iko Inini podcast, Madraxx said creative differences were the root cause of their split.

The rapper/producer singled out ideological differences with Mejja, saying while he wanted to experiment with various musical styles, Mejja’s primary focus was producing chart-topping tracks.

“While I was ready to experiment with music, Mejja was not. I can’t claim to know his entire background, but Mejja is the breadwinner for his family, and when it comes to making music, it’s all about creating hits. On the other hand, I entered the music industry to elevate the game,” he said.

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Madraxx pointed out an example of The Kansoul’s 2016 hit ‘No Woman No Party’, where they held differing views.

No Woman No Party was a fictional song created by the Kansoul. Kid Kora and I loved the song, but Mejja had reservations about shooting a music video for it. I was willing to take musical risks, but he was not,” Madtraxx said.

Despite their differences in musical aspirations, Madtraxx acknowledged Mejja’s unwavering commitment to supporting his family, which played a significant role in shaping their individual approaches to music and solo careers.

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