Kamene Recalls The Day A Man Hit On Her Husband Dj Bonez

June 21, 2023

Former Kiss FM radio presenter Kamene Goro claimed that during her dating period with her husband DJ Bonez, some men tried their luck with the Deejay.

During a podcast episode with Oga Obinna last weekend, Kamene Goro reminisced about a particular incident during a vacation when a man approached her and DJ Bonez, and complimented him.

Actually when I started dating Bonez, a lot of guys used to hit on him. A lot of men used to like Bonez. Mpaka kuna mwingine akakuja kuniambia tukiwa Mombasa akisema, ‘eeh lakini huyu DJ Bonez ni mcute’,” Kamene recounted.

The radio personality said the man kept telling her about how cute DJ Bonez was, forcing her to confront him.

“Akaniambia mara moja, mara mbili mara ya tatu nikamwambia oya skiza, nikamuuliza unataka nini sasa, do you want us to fight? Why are you telling me he’s cute. Mimi niko hapo, dem wa Nairobi, you think I don’t know he’s cute,” she said.

Did someone say Jaba story?

And speaking of their professional partnership, Kamene Goro commended DJ Bonez for his work ethic, which she said has fostered a seamless working relationship between them.

“It’s easy because we have been working together for a while now. He possesses an incredible work ethic, which makes things smooth. I don’t have major concerns about it. We have grown accustomed to it. We keep waiting to see if things will change, but so far, it has been easy,” Kamene said.

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