Sam West: I will never disrespect people I have dated

May 31, 2023

Sam West, former spouse of singer Vivian, has firmly stated his decision to refrain from discussing the reasons behind the dissolution of his marriage with any media outlets.

Sam noted that he has been receiving numerous invites for media interviews, something he is not keen on.

According to the Hero FM founder, discussing private matters in public would be disrespectful to Vivian.

“I am receiving alot of calls from many media houses requesting for an interview to share my side of story. Let me make some things clear.

1. I never discuss my private life in public. I will never disrespect people I have dated before by tarnishing their names in the media.

So just know you will never hear my side of the story in public,” he wrote.

Sam West further distanced himself from Sam West Distributors, a fast-moving consumer goods wholesaler based in Nairobi.

“2. I am not associated with Sam West Distributors or Sugar or Flour. I don’t even know them. Blessings #KingdomNation”

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