Governor Mwangaza introduces health cover for senior citizens

May 31, 2023

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza has launched a healthcare initiative called ‘Mwangaza Care’ specifically designed for individuals aged 70 and above.

‘Mwangaza Care’ was officially launched at Kinoru Stadium, where Governor Mwangaza announced that the initial phase would cater to 300 individuals selected from the county’s 45 wards, with a budget of Sh1.8 million.

“Owing to the limited funds at the moment, we will start with the 300 people who will also have their relatives benefit from the same cover and the number will keep on increasing every financial year,” said Governor Mwangaza.

The Meru County boss further expressed her objective to progressively enhance the funding for the healthcare program, aiming to raise it to Sh10 million in the coming years.

“We are foreseeing a future where all the people in the county will have free medical cover and this is possible with prudent use of the available resources,” she said.

Adding: “Today’s initiative will go a long way in helping the old people especially those without able people to depend on as they will be in a position to visit any level four or five hospital in the county and get treatment for free.”

In order to prioritize the healthcare needs of the elderly population, Governor Mwangaza announced the implementation of dedicated waiting areas within healthcare facilities.

“Some of them have no energy to queue for the service and therefore we have set the zones so they can be served first,” she said.

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