Gospel singer Munishi reveals when he started doubting Paul Mackenzie

May 4, 2023

Gospel singer Faustin Munishi has opened up about his relationship with Shakahola cult leader Paul Mackenzie.

Speaking on the sidelines of a church fellowship at the Christian Brotherhood Church in Kisulisuli, Nakuru County, the Kenya-based Tanzanian singer said he met the controversial preacher in 2015.

“I met Pastor Paul Mackenzie in 2015 and we became friends. He was just a good servant of God when I met him during one of the outreaches on the Kenyan coast. At that time, he had his church and owned his television station – Times TV.

“I even attended his church one time and later went on his Times TV to preach. At that time he was a good man and preached the gospel of truth,” Munishi claimed.

The legendary singer said he fell out with Mackenzie after about four years of friendship when he started radicalizing his followers through twisted religious teachings.

Munishi said the first red flag he saw in Mackenzie was his teachings about Huduma Namba.

“I started doubting Pastor Mackenzie’s teachings in 2019 when he claimed that the Huduma Namba, which was launched on April 2, 2019, was satanic. I remember calling him and telling him to stop misleading the public,” Munishi said.

“Hapo ndipo tulitofautiana kabisa na yeye. Nikamwambia hatuelewani.”

Munishi said he cut ties with Mackenzie after the government shut down his TV station in 2019.

The singer warned that hundreds of Pastor Mackenzie’s followers might still be at risk. He called on the government to compel Mackenzie to make a public statement denouncing his teachings and save his followers who might still be fasting.

“His TV station had a wide reach, and no one can say how many followers he has in the country. Since he is the one who convinced them to start fasting, he is still in a position to convince them to stop, otherwise his arrest might motivate his followers to continue fasting and praying,” Munishi observed.

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