The Day Daddy Owen Almost Fell for ‘Cultic’ church: ‘The deal was tempting’

April 26, 2023

Amid all the hullaballoo over the shocking Shakahola starvation cult in Malindi led by pastor Paul Mackenzie, gospel singer Daddy Owen has shared his personal experience with a suspicious ‘man of God’.

The ‘Vanity’ singer said a preacher in one of the churches in Nairobi approached him with an offer to buy him a car. In exchange, Daddy Owen would have to worship from his church.

The singer said the offer was tempting as he was in the early stages of his music career.

“I was deep in the word and a pastor is telling me they will buy me a car, I almost fell for it,” he said as quoted by the Nation.

Owen said the reason the preacher wanted him in his church was to market him with his brand. He said the cleric invited him to his ‘small church’ but he looked wealthy.

“The church had a very small number of people. Things were limited like the congregants would leave their phones outside. No recordings would happen in that church,” he said.

Owen said he attended the church a few times and could immediately tell something was off.

“The preachers have excess money or they are too poor to an extent they embrace languishing in poverty. I attended the services like twice and I knew the doctrine was wrong from even the posture and even through the preaching.

“Someone is always sharper than their congregants. They also dress very smart than you expect. Yaani there is always something very off that you can suspect. They are extremely clean as if they are overcompensating on something. The other thing is that they isolate you and control everything about you. They even control your finances,” Owen said.

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