President Ruto -Kenya Has Rich Human Capital For The World Maket

March 29, 2023

Kenya has one of the world’s finest human capital, President William Ruto has said.

He noted that the Government will leverage on the “diverse, rich and skilled resource” to further the interests of the country.

“It is among the biggest asset that we have; it is of very good value.”

He made the remarks on Tuesday in Berlin when he met Kenyans living in Germany.

Because of their industry and brilliance, Dr Ruto observed that Kenyans can work anywhere.

The President told the meeting that negotiations are underway with countries such as Germany to eliminate red-tape so that the skills can be exported and put to full use.

“We are also reviewing the Diaspora Policy so that we can take advantage of the opportunities that exist out there.”

He asked Kenyan institutions to continue to maintain and produce quality professionals of all cadres and stripes.

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