Thee Pluto Shows Off His YouTube Earnings After Being Branded a Scammer

March 9, 2023

YouTube content creator Thee Pluto(born Robert Ndegwa Kamau) has spoken out against claims that he is a scam artist.

To silence his naysayers, the content creator took to InstaStories to reveal his sources of wealth, including YouTube.

Sharing a screenshot of his supposed earnings from YouTube over the past year, Thee Pluto claimed it was against his wish to reveal how much he earns.

The screenshot showed Thee Pluto had an estimated revenue of close to Sh10 million from March 7, 2022 to March 8, 2023.

“It’s not my wish to share a screenshot of my YouTube earnings today having it in mind that I am also a businessman and I do a lot of things. Few months I have been branded a scammer,  people questioned my wealth. I lost almost all brand endorsements because of a simple lie. I thank God I invested,” he wrote.

Thee Pluto lamented that some people are quick to brand anything he promotes as a scam. He insisted that his recent partnership with a real estate agency was genuine.

“They said fake Shamba adverts whereas we have given title deeds on live TVs. Kamene, NTV, KTN and KBC,” wrote Thee Pluto.

The YouTuber at the same time mentioned that he decided to declare his wealth because he intends to quit social media in the coming months.

In another post, Thee Pluto revealed he is also a trader, a farmer, and a developer.

“My wealth ain’t form trading alone. I’m a YouTuber, a developer, a farmer..I’m a lot of things. I’m Baba Zoey. Just being a dad is wealth,” he wrote.

“I shared this because my time on socials is almost coming to an end. Let’s enjoy the few months left. Kamati ya roho chafu I’ve proven you wrong! That wasn’t my intention though,” he wrote.


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