Okwonkwo is Back! Mejja Announces Comeback After Voice-related Complications

March 2, 2023

Fans of Genge music sensation Major Nameye Khadija ‘Mejja’ have a reason to smile after the rapper announced his comeback after battling throat-related complications.

The ‘Kanairo Dating’ hitmaker took a hiatus earlier this year after developing a throat-related illness late last year that threatened his music career.

Taking to social media Tuesday, Mejja mentioned that his hiatus taught him some valuable life lessons, including exposing fake friends.

“Back to basics!!!! Nimewahata manze tupatane Marima, I have learned a lot through this process about patience na pia who your real friends are, tubaki hivo hivo mpaka sahii. Uzito wagenge, Jah bless,” he wrote.

Mejja said he will be working under caution as advised by his doctor.

While announcing his hiatus last month, Mejja said the illness was affecting his voice making it impossible to perform some of his hit songs.

“At the beginning of the year I started noticing that I was constantly feeling irritation in my throat and I later noticed blood in my sputum so I finally went to see a specialist Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) doctor],” he said.

“I was only able to perform on stage recently because I had not used my voice in a long time and even then, there are songs that I can no longer perform. Like I can do ‘Tabia Za Wakenya Kanairo’ because it’s at a low pitch but now I cannot hit the notes on ‘Bablas’ or even ‘Siku Hizi Ni KuBad’, my voice cracks,” Mejja said.

The “Utawezana” hitmaker admitted that the situation was affecting him psychologically.

“Naomba tu nikue poa, zile ngoma nilikuwa nataka kutoa ni high-pitched cause mimi ni msee wa mastory… To my fans, mniombee kwa sababu inaniaffect pia psychologically… siwezi taka kuacha muziki. Also remember to drink lots of water and avoid sugary things to avoid finding yourself in this situation,” he said.

After undergoing voice hygiene therapy at Avenue Hospital, Mejja looks set to kick on in the music industry.

He already has a show lined up for March 4.


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