Miss P on a Spiritual Journey After Quitting Music, Social Media

March 14, 2023

Musician Miss P has spoken up for the first time in a while after she quit music and deleted all her social media accounts.

Speaking in a recent interview with 2mbili TV, Miss P said the demands of being in the public limelight were overwhelming and suffocating.

She said being a female celebrity in the music industry comes with a lot of expectations and pressure.

“I just realised the attention of being a celebrity is not my thing. It was so much overwhelming because there is so much pressure,” she said.

Miss P added that she also quit the music industry because of her Christain faith.

“Another reason why I quit music is that I am a believer in Christ. And I have been in salvation. Something came over me and the moment I deleted my social media accounts I found peace. I feel we are living in the end times and I would not want Jesus to find me doing things that are contrary to God’s will,” she explained.

Miss P, who had signed under Willy Paul’s record label for about a year, also highlighted the challenges of being a woman in the music industry.

She mentioned that male colleagues were demanding sexual favours from her.

“People had ulterior motives. A different agenda which they don’t put out when we are starting. In the line of sexual favours,” Miss P said.

The former singer said she is focused on her spiritual journey and that she has no plans of making a comeback in the music industry.

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