Vlogger Miss Trudy To Ugandans After Backlash: ‘You Should Be Showing Me Love’

March 14, 2023

The popular Kenyan travel vlogger Miss Trudy(born Gertrude Awino Njeri Juma) has tried to appease Ugandans after they came for her neck over a comment she made about their country.

Over the weekend, Miss Trudy tweeted pictures of her tour of a national park in Uganda. Her caption however exposed her ignorance as she appeared surprised that Uganda has a national park.

Miss Trudy reasoned that game drives are only a preserve of Kenya and Tanzania.

Uganda has surprised me today! I did not know they also have game drive in Uganda! I thought that these are only in Kenya & Tanzania We spent the evening watching Antelopes, Giraffes, zebras, warthogs, waterbucks and Hippos. Who would have thought? #Perlofafrica #Uganda #Africa,” she tweeted.

What followed were comments from Ugandans and some Kenyans calling out Miss Trudy for her ignorance.

This prompted the travel blogger to issue a follow-up statement saying Ugandans were being unfair for criticising her ignorance.

“I don’t understand why people are coming at me, and it’s not cool at all. You know, being a visitor, you people should be showing me, love. It’s not like I have hated anyone. I am just speaking the truth. Am I not allowed to speak my truth?” Miss Trudy said in a video.

She went on to claim Ugandans were being sensitive and asked them to stop hating on her.

Miss Trudy also mentioned that she didn’t know much about her own country, despite being born and raised there.

“In my own country Kenya, I didn’t even know we have a desert, and in all my life, I haven’t known we have a desert in Kenya until I travelled there and vlogged about it.

“Ugandans, stop hating on me! You guys are being too sensitive for the wrong reasons. I am your friend. Not your enemy! Ugandans, Let’s make love. Not war!” the YouTuber said.

Strangely, the vlogger also brought colorism into the picture, arguing that if a white person was in her situation, they would have been treated differently.

“I would have been told ‘Oh, welcome to Uganda, we can show you all the places’ Is it because I am black like you? Are we showing people hate because they are black like us? Am I an angel?

“Should I know everywhere on this continent? This has just been extremely disappointing. I am being roasted and being made a laughing stock and it is just really painful. This is not the way Ugandans are supposed to welcome you,” she reasoned.

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