DP Gachagua Hails His Low-maintenance Wife: “I Give Pastor Dorcas Sh3000 For Her Hair”

March 3, 2023

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua says he is a lucky man because his wife pastor Dorcas Gachagua is a low-maintenance woman.

Speaking during the launch of the Women Enterprise Fund at KICC on Thursday, Riggy G left the audience in stitches as he revealed that he “spoils” Dorcas with Sh3000 for her hair.

The DP advised young bachelors to settle down with women who are drama-free and also spoil them by giving them money to pamper themselves.

“We like to see women glowing…as a man you should give your woman some money (Sh3000) without asking too many questions because you love her. Nowadays when a man gives a woman Sh 1,000, he asks for change because there is no other money in that house.

“Look at Pastor Dorcas, I have done my part…it is also important to look for a calm woman. I am so lucky I married a pastor who does not have so many needs. I give her Sh3000 and she is satisfied,” Rigathi said.

He added: “Women should only cover their heads during religious ceremonies in church. On other days they should be pampered, put in hair dryers and style their hair.”

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