Did Beyoncé Really DM Comedian Nasra Yusuf? She Speaks

March 15, 2023

Earlier this year, Kenyan comedienne Nasra Yusuf excited her fans on social media when she purported to be organizing a concert for American music superstar Beyonce.

“Nataka kuorganize concert ya Beyonce next month ni nyinyi tu mniambie tickets tuweke ngapi… (so I’m working on organizing a Beyonce ticket for next month, things are underway and I need you all to let me know how much you’d like the tickets to retail at)” Nasra wrote.

To back her claims, the comedian shared a screenshot of a supposed chat message with Beyonce in which the singer wrote, “Hi Nasra, set the date.”

Speaking about the saga that had people calling her out for clout chasing, Nasra admitted that it was a social media gimmick to excite her fans.

“Of course, Beyoncé did not DM me. Obviously, that’s a joke. I’m a comedian; I do these things to make people laugh,” she said in an interview with Citizen TV.

Nasra also admitted that she posted Vera Sidika’s Sh59,200 breakfast receipt as a social media gimmick.

“And obviously, I knew that I was posting a fake hotel bill, I knew it was originally posted by Vera Sidika. I sometimes do these things when I see that I’ve been away from the news for a minute,” she said.

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