Brandy Maina Clarifies Tweet About No Collabos or Interviews This Year

March 14, 2023

Brandy Maina has held her ground after a section of fans on Twitter dragged her for a tweet she put out declaring she won’t be doing any more collabos this year, with the exception of a few local stars.

In the wee hours of Monday morning, the Afro-soul singer also said she won’t be doing any more interviews.

“Unless it’s Nyash, Kinoti, Watendawili, Femi or Fathermoh, I’m not doing any more collaborations this year. Leave me out of interviews as well,” Brandy Maina tweeted.

Perhaps it was the dismissive tone in her tweet that ruffled fans’ feathers as they came down on her forcing the ‘Maryjane’ hitmaker to disable the comments section.

Brandy later clarified her tweet saying she wants to focus on her solo project hence her decision to scale down on collaborations.

“I can tell the people who are upset about my tweet are not artists because they don’t understand the back end of it. There is a time for everything. I’ve been doing collaborations for a while now, and I really haven’t taken the time to work on my solo project,” she said.

Brandy mentioned that collaborations take a lot of effort, time and money, which she now wants to channel into her solo EP.

“If I do a song with you, I’ll push it to the best of my ability, and that takes time, money, and effort that I think I need to preserve for my EP for the rest of the year,” Brandy said.

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