Actress Brenda Mwai Opens Up About Divorce: ‘I Attempted Suicide Thrice’

March 21, 2023

Actor Brenda Mwai has gone public about her struggles with mental health following her divorce.

Taking to her YouTube channel, the former Tahidi High actress disclosed that her marriage fell apart in 2022. She admitted that she found it hard to talk about her struggles due to her shame.

“It happened a year ago. For a while, I was not able to talk about this quite openly because of the shame that I felt. It wasn’t given to me by anyone, but I felt ashamed because I come from a good family. I felt completely embarrassed,” Brenda shared.

The actress said she struggled to adjust to life after the divorce, which she said shattered her dreams, ambition, and hope.

“After ten years of being with a person you literally don’t know anything else because, for me, I came from living at home with my parents to a home where i was married, taking care of another person,” she said.

Noting that she never thought she would struggle with mental health, Brenda disclosed that she attempted suicide three times.

“I never ever thought that I would be the person to have mental issues because I felt it was such a deep depression that I attempted suicide thrice.

“Every time I attempted to do it, something overcame it. This heavy sleep and tiredness just came over me… I think I would black out, and the next time would be morning, and my mind would be sort of changed, ” she said.

Brenda said she realized that she needed to speak up to help others who may be going through similar experiences.


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