Diana Marua Reacts After Tanasha Donna Unfollowed Her

March 21, 2023

Diana Marua has refuted claims of bad blood between her and Tanasha Donna.

The two are reported to have fallen out after Tanasha Donna unfollowed Diana on Instagram. Hawk-eyed fans noticed this after Diana released a song in which she mentions Tanasha.

In the song dubbed ‘Narudi Soko’, Diana mentions that Diamond Platnumz took away his car gift to Tanasha after they broke up.

“Tanasha Dona hukuweka sukari, ukanyang’anywa Prado daaah (unarudi soko). Na huyu Zuchu anapeana vitu mkidhani Nasibu (atarudi soko).” Diana rapped.

Speaking after her trip to Dubai, Diana Marua she does not have any beef with Ms Donna.

“Tanasha and I are good friends. We are good friends and we support her whenever she needs us,” she said.

Diana added that she was not aware that Tanasha had unfollowed her.

“For me, it is not anything to carry beef about or become personal. I have been unfollowed, I do not know since I was so busy in Dubai,” she claimed.

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