Wayne Rooney – the best goalscorer in “Manchester United” history in the English Premier League

February 24, 2023

Wayne Rooney is one of the best scorers in the history of the English league. He is only behind Alan Shearer in terms of goals scored in the league. He spent the best years of his career with “Manchester United”.

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Rooney is the top scorer of the “Red Devils” in the English league. The Englishman scored 183 goals for the “Mancunians” in the league. It is not surprising that he managed to triumph in the English league five times together with the team.

In total, the Englishman spent 13 seasons for “MU” in the English Premier League. It was probably one of the best times in the history of the club. Then, the “Red Devils” confidently dominated the domestic scene.

Rooney was one of the leaders of the team’s attacks. Therefore, Wayne had a lot of chances in every match.

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The Englishman played in their squad until 2017. After that, he returned to his native “Everton”, where he played another season, and then went to the “MLS”.

The secrets of Rooney’s performance

At “Manchester United”, Rooney was lucky enough to play with many stars of world soccer like Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs, Carlos Tevez, Nani, Chicharito, Dimitar Berbatov, Robin van Persie. Wayne interacted perfectly with all of them, and it brought the result to his team.

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Going back to Rooney’s achievement, it was made possible by:

1. A great choice of position. Without being tall or explosively fast, Rooney has always managed to outplay his opponents with his soccer intelligence.
2. Ability to make quick decisions on the field. Wayne was able to quickly assess the situation and choose the best option for the attack.
3. A well-positioned shot. Moreover, it was quite unimportant for Rooney from what position it should be done. “Shots” of the forward were always dangerous for opponents. And the attacker in each meeting tried to demonstrate his skill, hit from the most different positions.

The most important thing is that Wayne was always ready to fight on the field and gave 100% in every game. His spirit, and the desire to win was transmitted to his teammates. Thanks to this, “Manchester United” won a lot of trophies. 

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