“Do I look like I bought my body?” Susan Kaitanny on Fake Body Claims

February 24, 2023

Model and beautician Susan Kaitanny has addressed speculation about undergoing cosmetic surgery to enhance her body.

The Real Housewives Of Nairobi (RHON) cast member was speaking in an interview on Kiss FM, where presenter Oga Obinna asked whether the cast of the reality show have fake bodies.

“Is the show real or fake? Are the bodies of the women in the show real or fake?” Obinna posed.

To which Kaitanny responded: “The thing is it doesn’t matter if we bought our bodies…we bought them and we are looking hot.”

Without giving a straight answer, the businesswoman said she is a hot mama and that’s what matters.

“We are looking hot. Do I look like I bought my body? I am 40 years this year. I am divorced with two kids but I am a hot mama and fabulous,” she said.

Kaitanny further asked Obinna: “Do you think I bought my body? Why are you looking at me that much?”

The ‘Posh Queen’ as she calls herself urged fans to watch the show, saying it represents the independent women in Kenya.

“Life is harsh and real. Kenya is going through a lot. It is crazy what Kenyans are going through and so we did something to make us laugh and distract our minds. It is rough. We don’t have money in our pockets. All Kenyans are feeling the heat and I think things need to be fixed,” she said.

Susan also noted they had to prove they don’t fake their lifestyles in order to star in the show.

“You have to prove that your lifestyle is legit before they pick you for the reality show. You can’t be faking it,” she said.

Adding: “Guys are already criticizing us but after watching episode one, you will know that we have made Kenya proud.”

The Real Housewives Of Nairobi (RHON) premiered on Showmax on Thursday.

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