8 Love Lessons Chiki Kuruka Has Learned on 8th Valentine’s Day With Bien

February 16, 2023

Celebrity couple Bien Aime Baraxa and Chiki Kuruka on Tuesday, February 14, celebrated their 8th Valentine’s Day together.

The Sauti Sol band member and the dancer have been married for almost three years now, with their 3rd anniversary coming next month.

They have however been together for eight years, with Chiki Kuruka picking up some valuable love lessons along the way.

On Valentine’s day earlier this week, Chiki Kuruka was watching ‘Love Island’, which left her thinking about some of the things she would tell her younger self as she celebrated her first Valentine’s Day with Bien.

“I was sitting watching ‘love island’ yesterday morning, thinking…… what 8 things would I tell year 1 Valentine’s Chiki. So that in 8 years I can look back and say, ‘that was silly’ or maybe ‘guuurl you were wise 😂,” she wrote on Instagram.

Chiki went on to list the 8 love lessons while professing her undying love for Bien.

“I love you B, to DEATH….. and not just in that mushy movie way, but in that partner for life, even on bad days way. 💜.” Chiki said.

Adding: “Anyway these are the 8 things I think I’ve picked up.”

1) Bad times don’t last forever…… but neither do good times, the love is what happens in between.

2) Never stop loving yourself. That must come first and foremost

3) We all mess up. When you mess up you want to be forgiven, so extend the same grace to your partner.

4) Try and laugh on the shit days, it makes them less shit 😂

5) Mariage is 50% private and 50% community. Learn when to depend on each. You will NEED your community just as much as your privacy.

6) You partner is TRULY awesome. Remember that when he is pissing you off

7) The team takes priority over the moment

8) Celebrate your friends and family (and your partners) you will both need them to have your back when you feel unheard, but also to tell you off when you are being unfair. ESPECIALLY your mums 💜


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