Selina Actor Fidel Maithya Hints At Marrying His Partner

February 16, 2023

Wedding bells might be ringing for popular Kenyan actor Fidel Maithya, who is popularly known for his role as Dr Leshan on the ‘Selina’ TV show.

Maithya, who also plays a starring role in ‘Single Kiasi, spoke to Cheptoek Boyo for Buzz Central, where he hinted at taking his relationship to the next stage.

The actor disclosed he lives with his partner and they are yet to have children.

“I have a living partner and we are going strong and steady, we might take the next steps. I have no kids at the moment but I am happy,” he said.

Maithya also revealed the secret to having a happy relationship.

“I always preach this to people, be happy first and hopefully they meet someone who is happy so that when they come together they don’t depend on the other person to be happy. When you come into a relationship with hang-ups it is not going to work,” he explained.

Fidel Maithy aalso explained why he doesn’t post his significant other on social media.

“I am not too showy and that is how I grew up. Sometimes I even feel uncomfortable showing the little that I do but it is necessary. I have to protect that because it is important, not everyone on social media is looking out for you or happy with your success. So why should I share with people who might not want the best for me,” he told Ms Boyo.

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