DP Gachagua to Kenyans: ‘I Need Your Prayers To Fight Cartels’

January 24, 2023

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua says he will need prayers if he is to fight cartels in the Agriculture sector.

This comes after President William Ruto tasked him with reforming the coffee, tea, and milk sectors.

Speaking on Saturday at Kagonye village in Othaya, Nyeri County, DP Gachagua admitted that it will be difficult to dismantle cartels from the value chains of the three sectors.

“I am requesting you to pray for me. It is not easy to free the udder from a calf that has been sucking milk without interference. Telling that calf to stop suckling milk that belongs to the farmer will create problems and I know they will fight back. There will be war,” Gachagua noted.

The DP however expressed confidence that he is up to the task.

“We will receive some kicks from them but that will not worry us. We will ensure that our farmers get dignified pay for their produce,” he said.

Gachagua at the same time pointed a finger at former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration for the mess in the Agriculture sector.

“In the previous regime, it was hard to enforce reforms in the agriculture sector because those who were running the government were partners in the scheme to oppress farmers. All the banks, coffee, tea and tea belong to them and their only mandate was to make profits and hide their wealth abroad,” he said.

“We will succeed in this fight because President Ruto and I have no business or interest in those three sectors. The game has changed now. We managed to fight and succeed against those individuals that oppressed us by boasting about the deep state and system. There is no way we are going to lose this battle,” Gachagua asserted.

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