Atwoli Recalls Day Magoha Chased Away His Son From UoN

January 27, 2023

Trade Unionist Francis Atwoli was among dignitaries who on Thursday visited the home of former Cabinet Secretary George Magoha in Nairobi to condole with the family.

Speaking to journalists, the COTU secretary general recalled a day when Magoha dismissed his son from the University of Nairobi.

At the time, Magoha was serving as the institution’s vice chancellor. Atwoli remembered Magoha as a serious man who always stuck to his word.

“He was a serious man and indeed very serious because he called me one day and told me I don’t want your son in my university. There are very few people who can do that,” Atwoli said.

The outspoken trade unionist said not even his influence could move Magoha to change his stance.

“I used all my influence I have and tactics I was taught on negotiation, but he told me, Francis I have said no and my no is no, take your son to any other university you can and that was it,” Atwoli said.

The SG however did not disclose why the University dismissed his son. He said not even their friends in high places would make Magoha change his mind.

Atwoli described the late George Magoha as an incorrupt and outright person, who never took a shilling from anyone.

“He did his work with total commitment, and that is how one is identified as a serious person. One of the things we as workers remember him for is that he was not corrupt. He is going down to the grave without somebody’s even one shilling, I know. Nobody will come here and say I bribed him to do for me this and that. This is an upright person and we, in the world of work know who is corrupt and who is not because we are represented everywhere,” Atwoli said.

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