Shay Diva Sentenced For Stealing Dead Sponsor’s Car

December 8, 2022

A Kitale court has slapped upcoming musician Shay Diva with a four-year jail term for stealing a Toyota Prado belonging to the late Asian tycoon, Pankajkumar Juthalal Dodhia Kumar.

Kitale Chief Magistrate Julius N’garng’ar delivered the sentence on Monday, December 5, 2022, after Shay Diva was last week found guilty on three different counts.

For intermeddling with a family estate, Shay Diva was sentenced to two months in jail or an alternative fine of Sh10,000.

On the second count of forgery, Shay Diva was fined Sh150, 000 or risk a 3-year jail term.

And for stealing the motor vehicle reg. KCK 466N Toyota Land Cruiser V8 pearl white in colour, Shay Diva will have to pay a fine of Sh40, 000 or serve one year in prison.

The socialite’s lawyer David Teti pleaded with the court to be merciful and lenient saying his client was her family’s breadwinner.

“My client is very remorseful. She has a family who depends on her. She doubles up as a caregiver to her ill mother who suffers from a heart condition, High blood pressure and diabetes. If given a custodial sentence she would not be able to take care of her mother.

“Her mother is a widow and does not have any source of income. My client has four siblings who are all students who depend on her for basic needs including one who is seating for this year’s KCSE and is a day scholar. She is a first offender and pleads with the court for a fair sentence,” the lawyer argued.

Shay Diva being escorted out of Kitale Law Courts

The magistrate noted: “I have considered the mitigation I will take into account that the accused is a first offender. I have also considered the circumstances under which the offence was committed and the plea in mitigation by the council of the accused.”

Magistrate N’garng’ar further ordered Shay Diva to return the vehicle back to the family of the late Dodhia Kumar, whom she was in a romantic relationship with.

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