Martha Karua – How Ruto Is Turning Kenya Into a Mafia State

December 6, 2022

NARC-Kenya party leader Martha Karua launched a scathing attack on President William Ruto accusing him of turning Kenya into a mafia state.

Speaking at an Azimio la Umoja presser on Monday, Karua raised concerns over what she termed as “the brazen attack on Chapter 6 of the Constitution” by President Ruto following the appointment of graft-linked individuals into public office.

“We are seeing a pattern where people facing serious criminal cases like money laundering, fraud, giving kickbacks and yet they are being appointed to critical positions including leadership of the very institutions that took them to court,” Martha said.

The former Justice Minister said President Ruto’s reign is the worst Kenya has ever had.

“Ruto is slowly imposing a mafia state on Kenya. This reign by gangsters is scary and unnerving. It has never been seen in Kenya even during our past bad days. It has been said jokingly in the past whereas other countries have a mafia, in Kenya, mafia has a country,”¬† Martha said.

Adding: “It is clear that despite the outrage of the people of Kenya over the background of the people being to public service positions¬† and to government, between the appointees and the president they are as thick as thieves.”

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