Women MPs Demand Total Ban of Kenyan Workers to MiddleEast

October 12, 2022

Kenya’s women legislators want the government to impose a total ban on the export of domestic workers to the Middle East.

Through the Kenya Women Parliamentary Association(KEWOPA), the MPs want an immediate freeze on the travel of Kenyan workers to Gulf countries until better terms are negotiated by the government.

“We are demanding for a total ban of Kenyan workers to the Middle East,” KEWOPA Kewopa chairperson Muthoni Wamuchomba said.

The MPs also want the government to give a list of all Kenyan domestic workers to the Middle East and their current condition.

The lawmakers are also demanding a list of all recruiting agents and the number of girls they have taken to Middle East Countries.

Moiben MP Prof. Phyllis Bartoo said the treatment of Kenyan girls in Saudi Arabia is modern-day slavery.

“This is slavery reloaded,” she said at Parliament building on Tuesday.

“I am urging our young girls not to take any flight before the government negotiates with the Government of Saudi Arabia,” nominated MP Veronica Maina added.

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