Vera: Contraceptives Blew My Buttocks Out of Proportion

October 21, 2022

Vera Sidika says her already big behind grew even bigger as a result of using contraceptives.

The popular Instagram personality admitted that she wishes her buttocks were smaller as she never intended for them to balloon the way they did.

“To speak the truth, I don’t like my big behind. I didn’t want them to grow big like this. I wish they were small, not too small but medium,” she said in a radio interview.

Vera Sidika said she started using contraceptives during her college days. She said she became addicted to contraceptives and would get the injections every three months.

“I kept renewing the contraceptives but then I realised that I was adding weight. Initially, I had a big behind as you saw on the TBT pic. The contraceptives made it blow out of proportion,” Vera explained.

“I kept getting the injections even when single because I loved the fact that it stopped my periods from coming and it became an addiction,” she added.

Vera Sidika maintained that she never underwent any surgery to enhance her famous buttocks.

She said she only had her breasts and teeth done, spending over Ksh7 million.

“My hips and butt are real, but I got my boobs done, my teeth too. It cost me $60,000 (Ksh7.3 million),” Vera said.

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