Radio Presenter Jeridah Andayi Opens Up on Tragic Loss of Daughter

October 21, 2022

Popular radio personality Jeridah Andayi opened up about the loss of her second-born daughter, saying she sometimes blames herself.

Speaking to Citizen Digital’s ‘Behind the Mic’, the Radio Citizen presenter said her daughter would be a teenager today.

“I’m a mother of four children but I lost my second baby when she was two years four months, that is a big child. That was a long time ago, in 2008. If she lived she would be 16 years today but I still deliberately make her part of the family. My children know she is the second born so my two daughters know they are not the eldest of my daughters, there is someone else who went ahead of them,” she said.

Jeridah recounted the painful loss of her daughter while taking her to a hospital in an ambulance.

“I think the most difficult thing about me losing my child is that I don’t think I did everything I could to save her life. Sometimes I feel like did I fail my own child, is there anything else I should have done to keep her alive. It just happened so fast, she was unwell, then we go to the hospital, and they said she needs to be admitted so we put her in an ambulance and go to the hospital for her admission,” she narrated.

Adding: “That time she was fine as I held her then on our way, the ambulance hit another car head-on. Unfortunately, she slipped off my hands as a result of the impact and was hit in the head, she did fall but with that impact, everything stopped but I did not know because she had fallen asleep, it happened so fast, by the time we got to the hospital, the child was technically dead.”

Jeridah said the doctors tried resuscitating the baby and she came back to life. Unfortunately, the doctors said the brain had been damaged and it had been severe to an extent that she was not going to live a normal life.

The child was put in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for seven days but her condition deteriorated as she was only alive on life support machines.

Under the advice of the doctors, they agreed to switch off the machines because there was hardly anything they could do to save her.

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