Survivor of ‘Party On Wheels’ Bus Crash Speaks Out

October 12, 2022

One of the survivors of the grisly road crash involving a party bus along the Meru-Nanyuki highway last Saturday has spoken out, revealing what happened.

Speaking to Citizen TV, the organizer of the bus party said the driver was not part of the festivity.

“I am an event organiser. I organised this event. There was no way I would allow the driver to touch alcohol. His work was to drive us to Samburu and back. He was not drinking,” the survivor said.

He explained that the driver’s section is completely partitioned from the partying area of the bus.

According to the event organizer, the co-driver said the brakes failed, leading to the accident that claimed 12 lives, including the driver.

The bus had a total of 22 partygoers when it hit a 14-seater matatu and a lorry. Nine people died in the matatu while three perished in the party bus.

“The co-driver said he only heard the driver exclaim and say ‘brakes’ before he lost control of the vehicle and rammed into two others.”

Reports indicate that the bus driver lost control while overtaking another vehicle while descending a steep section of the Meru-Nanyuki at the Subuiga blackspot.

“I am so lucky to be alive and I believe God loves me still because I was seated in the most wrecked part of the bus, but I don’t know how I came out alive,” the survivor said, adding that he sustained injuries in his ribs and hands.

The man who spoke anonymously also refuted claims by NTSA that the bus lacked a valid inspection report and Road Service License.

The party organiser said several police officers cleared them at different checkpoints.

At no time did the police stop us from proceeding with our journey. Nor did they raise an issue regarding the bus. They cleared us to proceed,” he claimed.

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