President Ruto’s New ADC Accused of “Walking Like a Villager”

October 12, 2022

President William Ruto’s new Aide-De-Camp (ADC) Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga walks like a villager, city-based lawyer Donald Kipkorir has said.

The outspoken lawyer took issue with Col Lengusuranga on Tuesday, September 11, in a social media post calling for Ruto to replace his ADC.

Kipkorir pointed out that Col Lengusuranga is not in sync with President Ruto as he should be. He also questioned his basic marching skills, saying he walks like a villager.

“President William Ruto should replace his ADC… All basic military training teach how to walk: erect with chin up. And an ADC or Parade Commander must have his steps be in sync with the Commander In Chief. This Colonel missed basic marching drills. He walks like a villager,” Donald tweeted.

To back his claims, the lawyer shared some photos of Col Lengusuranga seemingly looking out of place at some public events.

And Kipkorir is not the only one who has noticed Col Lengusuranga is not as majestic as his predecessor Timothy Lekolool as some Twitter users agreed with him.

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