Pastor T Prays For Akorino Twins Kimathi’s, Makes Appeal To Kenyans (PHOTOS)

October 3, 2022

Popular Evangelist Pastor T Mwangi(born Anthony Mwangi Kahura) has urged Kenyans to forgive the now infamous Kimathi twins, Teddy and Peter, and their supposed lover, Emily.

Two weeks ago Nairobi Wire ran a story about the throuple, in which Emily Nyaruiru recounted how she fell in love with the Akorino twins.

The story spread like wildfire and with it came dire consequences for Teddy, Peter and Emily. They later came out to claim they had been shunned and rejected because of their alleged polyandrous affair.

The trio also came clean, saying they staged the whole thing in a bid to get some eyeballs for their YouTube channel.

“The truth is the whole thing was a lie, it was all for clout. We were amazed by the insults we received from netizens to the extent that we were honestly shocked.

“We have money problems and we were looking for a way to make money so I sat down with Peter and we came up with the story but we have received rejection,” Teddy said last week.

The three Akorinos have now sought divine restoration from the founding preacher of Life Church Limuru.

“I’m happy to announce that the twins reached out and we had a powerful conversation and had prayers of restoration. They are sorry for what they did, Mentorship is like nursing and you must be willing to give the care with love,” said pastor T.

The youthful mentor also appealed to Kenyans to forgive the trio and accept their apology. Pastor T also said he would look into helping the Kimathis with their idea.

“We are called for this generation and we must be willing to embrace them, guide them and mentor them. I believe they had a good idea but wrong approach. We will walk with them and see them launch out that idea. Love wins. Let’s pray for them and accept their public apology. We are called to reconcile men. Love wins,” Pastor T noted.

The photos.

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