Observe the Law and Serve Kenyans Equally, President Ruto Tells Ministers

October 28, 2022

President William Ruto has told the new Cabinet Secretaries to respect the Constitution and uphold the rule of law as they discharge their mandate.

Ruo said the ministers must respect their office and serve Kenyans equally.

“Our country must be run on the dictates of the Constitution; not on the whims of men,” he said.

He spoke on Thursday at State House, Nairobi, when he witnessed the swearing-in of 22 Cabinet Secretaries, the Attorney-General and the Secretary to the Cabinet.

“You have been sworn in to serve the people of Kenya. That is the minimum expected of us,” he added.

The President assured the country that the Cabinet Secretaries have the requisite competence to undertake their duties and drive the country forward.

“These men and women,” President Ruto explained, “have our unequivocal support in implementing our country’s transformation agenda.”

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