Meru Man Catches Wife In The Act With Son

October 26, 2022
A 59-year-old woman is caned by villagers after she was caught having intimate relations with an 18-year-old man in Uganda in March 2022.

Kanguba village in Tigania Central, Meru County witnessed a bizarre spectacle on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, after a woman was reportedly caught having intimate relations with her son aged 27.

Confirming the incident, area chief Edwin Mwiti said the woman’s husband caught the two in the act and raised an alarm.

“I have received a report that the woman in question was found in the act with his son by her husband who raised alarm and attracted the villagers,” the chief said as quoted by K24 TV.

The administrator said locals decided to follow customary rules to discipline the woman whom they claimed was dangerous to young boys and men in the area.

Women in the area reportedly stormed the house and flashed the woman out of the house. They then frogmarched her to the nearby shopping centre while singing songs and carryings twigs.

“It is an embarrassment and shame to us as women. We wonder why she is sleeping with her son while she has a husband. And that is not enough, we have been getting information she lures young boys to make love to her. We have chosen to punish her traditionally,” said one woman.

The woman only identified as Kaumi was forced to carry ripe bananas on her back as the women whipped her.

Area authorities condemned the act saying the woman and her son should face the full force of the law.

Family sources however claimed that the son is mentally unstable and that his mother had been luring him into the incestuous act.

Area chief Edwin Mwiti told K24 that an official investigation would be carried out.

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