Akothee Warns, “Get Ready to Die Poor If You Use Social Media as a Weapon”

October 7, 2022

Celebrity musician Akothee has warned the Kenyan online community against using social media platforms as a weapon to attack others.

She says social media is best used as a tool where one can learn new things. Akothee adviced that instead of being just another follower, one should use socials with an open mind.

“Let Facebook, social media be a tool and not a weapon Also you who go to scroll on social media, go with an open mind to learn, don’t be a follower be a student,” Akothee noted.

The mother of five said a single post can change one’s life. She gave an example of how one farmer changed her perspective on farming.

“There is so much that you can learn and achieve just by bumping into one post. I bumped into this guy, and stayed on his profile with my fiancée for an hour. Allow me to tell you Sir, you have changed my perspective about farming, that was a great tour on your wall. I will for sure come for some advice,” she wrote alongside a picture of the said farmer.

Akothee warned that those who use social platforms to attack others will die poor.

“Anyone who sees social media as a weapon to destroy others, get ready to die poor and miserable. People post their achievements for you to be encouraged and learn, not for you to get jealous, bitter and start competitions,” she said.

“We are not fighting each other, we are all fighting against poverty. No one wants to suffer, we all want to live and not just survive,” Akothee added.

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