WATCH: Khaligraph Raps Passionate Appeal to Ruto on Behalf of Raila

September 9, 2022

“Usiache Akemewe!” This is the passionate appeal from rapper Khaligraph Jones to President William Ruto on behalf of Raila Odinga.

As MPs and Senators took Oath of Office on Thursday to begin their tenures under President Ruto, Khaligraph Jones dropped a fire freestyle out of the blue.

The top Kenyan rapper begins by saluting Ruto for his victory while acknowledging his patience. Khaligraph informs President Ruto that the country is still shaky following a polarizing election.

“Niaje Mzae? First of all congratulations. God has granted you victory so you could lead this nation, I admire the fact that you’ve been hella patient. As you assume your role, I hope you get this information.

“We just from an election so country bado ni shaky. A lot of sadness imekua mtaa lately. But this is from a good place, I hope you don’t mistake me, and to my supporters, I also hope you don’t hate me,” Khali begins his rap.

The ‘Mbona’ rapper continues to tell Ruto that there is an issue only he can address; “Sai wanatusi Raila na kuna vile inanistress,” he raps.

Khaligraph asks Ruto to bring Kenyans together through reconciliation and ensure that Raila Odinga gets the Respek he deserves.

“Mr Hustler, yes! A man of integrity, bring the people together coz chuki sai si necessity. Baba is being attacked, some people calling him names but you can change this narrative coz you’ve been through the same,” Khali adds.

He also notes that Ruto knows what Raila must be going through after losing an election for the fifth time,

“Ombi letu kama wananchi ni ati tueke Bab fiti coz I know you understand what that man is going thru,” Papa Jones appeals.

Khaligraph also mentions that his own mother, a Raila supporter, was affected by his loss to Ruto.

“I told her that I know you, we ni mtu roho safi, a Christian who always wants to make God happy. And I bet He’d be happier ukicheza kama wewe. Tuprotectie uyu Mzae, usiache akemewe.”

Check out the freestyle below.

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