The Millions Eric Omondi has Earned from ‘Divalicious’: Company is Paying the Comedian and the Socialite Separately

September 2, 2022

As a section of online content consumers criticizes Eric Omondi over his new character ‘Divalicious’, the comedian is apparently laughing all the way to the bank.

Eric Omondi has partnered with a cosmetics company – Nara Luxury Africa – to market their beauty products. It is this partnership that birthed the comedian’s recent dance video that triggered some strong disapproving reactions.

More details have now emerged about Eric Omondi’s lucrative deal with Nara Luxury.

If the popular influencer is to be believed, the company made him Sh7.2 million richer in a three-year brand ambassador deal. Nairobi Wire could not independently verify these claims given the confidentiality attached to such contracts.

Eric Omondi claims Nara will be paying him and Divalicious separately. We are still not sure who will be taking the lion’s share of the bountiful multimillion package but my money is on Divalicious.

In September, Divalicious will be launched as the official brand ambassador for Nara Luxury Africa. If you look at the caption I placed alongside the video, it is not only Divalicious who has been contracted but also Eric Omondi, who will be the host of the event, meaning the company is paying Omondi and Divalicious separately. As everyone is giving their opinions about me, I am making money,” he said.

Omondi describes Divalicious as “a 21-year-old who has arrived in the city from Kisumu and she is already creating a buzz.”

He added: “There is nothing in my career that I have done which is ordinary, everything I do is extraordinary.

And Omondi must have put the millions from Nara to good use. If he is to be believed again, he has just taken ownership of a nightclub, Maxy’s Lounge on Enterprise Road in Nairobi’s Industrial Area.

He says he has partnered with another club owner and they will launch the revamped entertainment joint officially next month.

“Today I start a new Journey as a Club owner…I will ask for your Support as Friends, Fans, Supporters and Family in this new Venture. I have officially taken ownership of Maxy’s Lounge on Isiolo road. We will be renovating for 35 days in preparation for our official Launch in October. This will be Nairobi’s HOTTEST Entertainment Spot. More details on the way,” Eric shared.

According to Eric, the club is worth Sh18 million and will be his flagship club, with plans to expand to other towns.

“This is not clout, you will see it for the rest of my life and I will even expand the business in other places like Mombasa and other places. I tried a taxi business but it failed. I also opened a record label and it failed because working with other artistes is hard,” he said.

Omondi also noted the business is his way of ensuring he does not become a grace-to-grass kind of celebrity.

“There is a culture of celebrities getting broke after a few years. There are some who end up in the rehabs and others asking for money,” he said.

“The question most people ask is how I have managed to be in the industry for the last 14 years. I want to kill that culture of becoming a hit, then you are finished and you start begging and that is why we are here to launch this business.”

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