Anerlisa Warns Against Rich Friends, “They Only Smile With You When You Have Money”

September 9, 2022

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has sounded out a warning against wealthy friends.

According to the businesswoman, the so-called rich friends are only reliable when one has money. Once the money goes, they turn into rumour mongers.

“I think most of you know the sh** we have had to go through. This is actually for people who are looking forward to making it and maybe one of their goals is to have ’rich friends’.

“Those so-called rich friends will only smile with you when you have money, otherwise, when you slip a little, they will be the biggest gossip spreaders and rumor spreaders about your little downfall. These so-called rich friends will not give you even a cent or even check up on you,” she warned.

Anerlisa said people like to associate with rich people because they respect the money, not the person.

She admitted that she was naïve but had since learned her lesson on the importance of keeping real friends.

“Before I was very naïve but now I am really a different person. I have more respect for people who have clean hearts, not the car they drive, the many holidays they take, or how much they spend. The people who can’t even help you financially will be the people checking on you always,” she noted.

Anerlisa advised her fans to invest in themselves and choose better friends regardless of their status.

“Invest only on yourself and only you, and choose friends according to how you feel about their hearts. We learn through experiences. I believe nothing bad in life is permanent.”

Anerlisa also had some views about betrayal by friends.

“Some actions people take are the biggest deal breakers. For example, let’s say you were dating someone and after you break up, they move on to your best friend, that act is unforgettable and unforgivable. Even if they told you they did that to hurt you and promise to change, it’s hard to accept them back into your life even as friends. Be careful the extent you go to try and hurt others. Chapter closed,” she stated.

Anerlisa appeared to be referring to an act of betrayal by a former friend, stylist Phoina, who shared videos having a good time with Omar Lali, the man accused of killing Anerlisa’s sister.

In a cryptic social media post after the video, Anerlisa wrote: “And that’s it for our friendship.”

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