Azziad Rants After Joke About Her Age, “Is It Because I’m More Successful?”

September 9, 2022

Content creator Azziad Nasenya has been triggered into an online rant after a fellow TikToker user took aim at her age.

The popular influencer turned 22 in June of this year, and similarly to when she burst onto the scene at the age of 20, some people are still finding it hard to believe she is that young.

One of these people was a woman who quipped: “If Azziad is 22 then I’m 16 bbg.”

Azziad went off, pointing out that there are a number of people who have been taking issue with her age.

“I’m sorry that in the generation we live in people do not believe that you can achieve such kind of things that I have achieved at my age.

“I’m I successful? A little bit…I don’t know why people believe that I can’t be so mature and so successful, courageous and level-minded at my early age. I’m sorry,” she said.

“Some of us went through things that made us mature early in life and people who have a problem with this are people who either are my age mates and they’re mad because they’re not doing anything with their lives.”

She continued: “Or people who are way older than me so you’re mad like you can’t believe this lady is doing so much at 22…so you force me to adjust to a generation I was not born in and I’m like what’s your problem.”

Azziad also employed some sarcasm, quipping: “Before my birthday, I did not know I had mothers on the internet who actually gave birth to me and know the real date that I was born more than God and my real mother.” 

“Just heal and do something with your lives. Mschew!” She blasted.

I think it’s best you watch the rant for yourself below.

@azz_iad #stitch with @arm_.fernandez_ just heal..all of you heal #azziad #morgyadrian ♬ original sound – Azz_iad

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